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    BIGROW 1066# 4″,6″,8″,10″ Barrel Bolt

    4 Colours available : Antique Copper, Antique Brass, Stainless Nikon,

    • Available Length   : 4", 6", 8", 10"
    • Body material        : Alloy Steel


    Feel free to contact us if you are interested in our products. Price is negotiable and we will try our best to meet your demand.

    D38-1,4″ACMRM 21.00/PCS
    D38-2,4″ABMRM 21.00/PCS
    D38-3,4″SNRM 21.00/PCS
    D38-4,4″PBRM 21.00/PCS
    D38-5,6″ACMRM 28.40/PCS
    D38-6,6″ABMRM 28.40/PCS
    D38-7,6″SNRM 28.40/PCS
    D38-8,6″PBRM 28.40/PCS
    D38-9,8″ACMRM 42.00/PCS
    D38-10,8″ABMRM 42.00/PCS
    D38-11,8″SNRM 42.00/PCS
    D38-12,8″PBRM 42.00/PCS
    D38-13,10″ACMRM 55.90/PCS
    D38-14,10″ABMRM 55.90/PCS
    D38-15,10″SNRM 55.90/PCS
    D38-16,10″PBRM 55.90/PCS